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Car Body Repair

If you need car body repair for your car, van, truck or 4×4, get in touch. Our local, family-run garage is based in Swansea and has become reputable, over many years of service, for quality work at competitive prices. Your pride and joy will be in very experienced and reliable hands. Whether dented, scratched, stone chipped or you fancy a colour change, we can oblige. Services can be tailored to your needs, so don’t hesitate to get in touch and discuss your needs. Here, all vehicle makes and models are catered for, including performance, classic, and American motors. So, why not give us a call or pop by our facilities so we can get your vehicle exterior restored to its former glory as soon as possible!

Mini door and good spray painted red

Car Spray Painting

We can perform skilled car spray painting as part of a damage or accident repair, or as a stand alone service by special request. Our equipped spray booth provides the room needed to carry out a highly professional respray, either in part or in full, as needed. All surface prep is carried out with careful attention to detail for flawless paint applications that lasts. With over a decade of experience spent carefully restoring car bodywork, I challenge you to spot the repair when we’re finished with it!

Chip repair on mercedes

Scratch & Chip Repairs

Damaged car paintwork not only looks unsightly, but exposed metal can lead to corrosion and more costly damage in the future. So, arranging scratch and chip repairs early can save you money. Whether damage has arisen from day-to-day use, such as stonechips, tree branches, and car door dings, or is a result of vandalism or an accident, we can set things right. Perfectly colour matching your vehicle we can touch up bodywork or, in the event of more substantial scratches, strip and respray panels as well as arrange panel replacement if needed.

Car Dent Repair

Car dent repair requires an experienced hand to avoid creasing and stretching of the metalwork, so best leave it to the experts. Not to mention, if you break the paint (or it is already broken) the respraying may also be needed to prevent rust. A professional repair will leave your vehicle looking great again, perfect for if you are reselling, or simply want to feel proud behind the wheel again. So, if you’ve suffered a ding, bring it in!

Bumper Repairs

Have you had a recent run-in with a wall, post, or even another motor, leaving your bumper worse for wear? Low level impacts can cause significant damage to this area of your car including breaking headlights, grills, indicators and number plates, as well as pushing it against the wheels. As a result of this, your vehicle could be classed as unsafe to drive by the authorities. A prompt repair can get you back on the road, so just get in touch to get booked in.

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